Property Watch

Are you a seasonal resident or going away on vacation?  If so, Collins & Company is here for you with our home watch services so you never have to leave your home unattended.  This service is highly recommended to “watch over” your property ensuring you a worry-free time away while the management needs of your home are met.  We will tailor a plan specific to your needs with careful attention to detail and execute it with excellent service and integrity. 


The comprehensive list of services we offer includes the following:

  • transportation to and from the airport

  • bill paying and bookkeeping services

  • housekeeping

  • hurricane season preparations

  • renovations

  • air conditioning maintenance and repair

  • pool cleaning and maintenance

  • appliance repairs

  • handyman repair

  • pressure washing

  • any and all home-related renovations and repairs

All of our repair and maintenance technicians are licensed and insured, which means you can have peace of mind about who is working in your home. The work will be done promptly and efficiently. 

We will customize your home watch package based on your individual home’s needs. Every package includes a specialized service checklist and we provide property updates to you per visit.


Staging a home is a proven method of helping homeowners and/or realtors make a home look inviting and sell it in the shortest amount of time.

"A staged home is a sold home" and it doesn't have to be expensive!

Our experienced stagers understand the art of decorating, decluttering and reorganizing furniture.  Whatever your home's size, they will highlight its assets, downplay weaknesses and make the home appealing to prospective buyers.

Estate Matters

Probate real estate, court procedures for selling real estate after someone dies, is a specialized field. It involves documentation, deadlines and crucial court-related matters that must be coordinated and meticulously managed. 

Handling estate and probate matters, can be complicated, emotional and challenging.  We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs and offering them genuine compassion.

If you are selling property in a probate setting, having a well-versed real estate agent who is experienced in the probate process is vital to a smooth transaction.

Usually a probate real estate transaction consists of - but is not limited to, the Executor of the Estate (Personal Representative), the Estate’s attorney, court personnel and professional real estate agents representing the Estate's seller and the buyer respectively.

There are many decisions that need to be made when dealing with probate property. Collins and Company can assist clients with making decisions on probate property, distributing and liquidating its contents.  


Administrative Assistance

We are able to provide administrative assistants to perform clerical duties on a regular or part time basis. These duties revolve around managing and distributing information, including answering phones, taking memos and maintaining files, as well as sending and receiving correspondence.  Planning and Scheduling events like meetings and luncheons may also be included in the scope of work. Organizing and managing files, assistance with typing, editing and proofreading documents, taking dictation and/or recording minutes of meetings are all part of the service.


Administrative and bookkeeping services we offer:

  • answering phones

  • planning and scheduling events and meetings

  • organizing and managing files

  • editing and proofreading documents

  • taking dictation and/or recording minutes of meetings

  • bookkeeping services

  • expense tracking

  • creating spreadsheets

Bookkeeping assistance may include monitoring and recording expenditures. Duties range from creating spreadsheets to reporting expenses and the ability and knowledge of bookkeeping software, such as Microsoft Excel and Quickbooks.


Association Management


Seasonal homeowners, firms remotely owning property, and association boards of directors governing their property but unable to service it themselves, have two things in common:  One is they need a property manager. Two is it needs to be the right property manager.

Here’s why:

We’re experienced.  Every member of the ONALIM executive team has worked in every property management position, from on-site manager on up. We know the issues, from negotiations with vendors, insurance matters, legal and compliance requirements to tenant disputes, and how to deal with them proactively If you’re new to this and feel overwhelmed by it all, no problem. We’re not.

We want to manage your property. We understand some larger firms have declined to service smaller properties or those with other issues.  Whatever the size of your property or whatever its specifics, come to us.  We’re here for you.  

Tenant Management, too. In rental situations, we will market your property, prepare leases, collect rents and check that your property is maintained. 

Our primary aimfor whatever services you require: To not only assure that your property keeps its value, but also that it increases in value.

For a free consultation on ONALIM’s property management programs, call (561) 441-0507.  

We look forward to serving your property management needs!