A Homeowner’s Handbook

By Alejandra Zamora

   If you’ve been thinking about becoming a first-time homeowner, you already know that the tedious steps of the process seem terrifying and overwhelming. Countless hours of planning, organizing, and choosing are all part of the road to homeownership. From all the stress that comes with just thinking about this procedure, you may not have had the time to slow down and ponder over whether you’re actually ready to own a home. Here are the top three factors you should take into consideration: finances, time, and the point you are at in your life.

          Financially, owning a home can undoubtedly take a toll on you. Is the market right? How much will your down payment be? What monthly mortgage price can you afford to pay? As serious and intimidating as these questions may be, calculating your answers to each of these questions is easy as long as you take your time. Don’t know where to start? Try this affordability calculator to get you started in the right direction.

            Another huge aspect to consider when buying a home is how much time you can allocate. Not only does searching for the perfect home take time, but the many decisions you'll need to make and the time you’ll need to devote to its upkeep need to be deliberately thought out. Here at Collins & Company Inc., we offer a total approach as a one-stop shop for all home-ownership needs, so give us a call so we can help make this home owning process as relaxing as possible.

            Lastly, before you own a home, it must be at the right time in your life. You’ll know it when it comes, for your personal and work life will fit together perfectly like puzzle pieces.

            Are you already at that point in your life, or do you already own a home? Check out this video for the top tips every new homeowner needs to know: