Collins & Company Inc.

Our Founder, Claire Collins

The closest most people get to British aristocracy is reading about it in the tabloids.  That’s not the case with Claire Collins, owner of Collins & Company, a boutique South Florida-based real estate brokerage and property management firm. 

Born in England and raised in Monte Carlo, Claire emigrated to America some three decades ago and knows aristocracy, face-to-face. She served the Duchess of Bedford and Viscount Cowdray, at their home in Monte Carlo. “I was house manager and private secretary, managing the demanding role of scheduling personal affairs and projects,” she says.

As can be imagined, working in this rarefied air and for employers used to the best in everything required discipline, attention to detail and the ability to understand and meet people’s needs, however subtly stated.  All these skills transferred well to the part of the job she liked best: managing the operation and upkeep of the house. 

After a hiatus to marry and raise three children in South Florida, Claire decided to capitalize on that passion through a career in real estate brokerage. She has worked from the ground up for a developer representing numerous upscale communities in Boca Raton, Delray Beach, Vero Beach and other areas of Palm Beach County. She understands all facets of real estate – from lot selections to floor plans to design details and upgrades. She has mentored countless agents breaking into the competitive real estate field. 

It’s a business that’s continued to grow, and one completely built on referrals. Her clients range from millennials to baby boomers, and they include both domestic and foreign accounts. Collins speaks multiple languages, including fluent French.