Beverly, Massachusetts, absentee homeowner

"I met Claire Collins two years ago when I decided to rent out one side of my duplex in Boca Raton, Florida. She made an impression on me by the way she handled the interview and how comfortable it was speaking with her, so I hired her. She interviewed potential tenants and chose one she thoroughly screened. Two years later I decided to sell the duplex, so I called Claire to list the property as I felt she would be the best person for the job. She undertook a great ordeal in doing so, as well as taking a load off my shoulders and handled all aspects of preparing, listing and marketing the property for sale, as well as helping to relocate the current tenants while I remained in Massachusetts. I highly recommend her services; she is very dependable and trustworthy."


Michael, New York, investor

“For nearly a decade, Claire has helped me build and manage a real estate portfolio, identifying quality properties in the right location. My biggest fear with brokers is that they try too hard to sell what they know, and don’t take the time to understand what I want! Claire worked hard to educate me about this particular market before pushing particular properties on me.”


Debby & Dan, Highland Beach, absentee homeowners

"We have been extremely satisfied with the management services provided to us by Collins & Company. When we bought our rental condo in Delray Beach, we worried about the care of it while we were absent for long periods of time.  That was until we enlisted the services of Collins & Company.  They are professional, trustworthy, efficient and care for our rental property as if it was their investment.  Claire Collins is personally involved in taking the renters' calls and acting upon services required without involving us.  And, being a licensed realtor, Claire finds new tenants when a lease is not renewed. We have full confidence in Collins & Company and we highly recommend their services.  They are always on call and provide a peace of mind for absentee owners, whether it is a rental or a private home."