A Life of Luxury No Longer Costs a Fortune

By: Jillian Klein

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Close your eyes. Imagine that you have just won the lottery – what do you see? When visualizing a life of luxury, most people think of personal assistants, professional organizers – even someone to pick them up in a fancy car. What most individuals do not realize, is that you no longer have to strike it rich to live a life of grandeur. That’s right. Today, more and more people are taking advantage of the lavish lifestyle through the services of professional House and Estate Managers. Everyone from your average, white collar, American working-man to the extravagant, high class, multi-millionaire can take advantage of the various services provided by House and Estate Management.

There are many stresses and responsibilities that are associated with owning a home and the sole purpose of a house manager is to help alleviate those anxieties and, quite literally, manage your home. The duties of a house and/or estate manager is different in each establishment, depending on the size of the residence or property, how often the owners are present and what level of assistance is required. For example, if you live away from your residence, like many Florida Snowbirds[1] do, or perhaps you have a rather large property – it may require a significant amount of maintenance or management. A Household Manager can help to keep your property running smoothly so you can worry less about its management and enjoy more of what it has to offer. Others may benefit from more simplistic facets of management such as pet sitting services or closet organization. Even those trying to sell a home can benefit from house management through home staging and relocation services. Maybe you live a very demanding life and require a personal assistant, or maybe you are planning a long trip and are worried about the security of your home while you are away. Regardless of your position in life or your level of requirement, home managers make themselves available to accommodate their clientele on a personal level.

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[1] A snowbird is a term often associated with people who move from the higher latitudes and colder climates of the northern United States and Canada and migrate southward in winter to warmer locales such as Florida and California.

Collins & Company House and Estate Management Services

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Collins & Company is unique from other real estate teams due to our professional House and Estate Management services. We offer Seasonal Home Care and Personal Concierge Services tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. We are mindful of the concerns of absentee owners trying to manage their property from a distance. We lavish attention on the property for those who lack the time or inclination to do the legwork, including overseeing painting, decorating, home staging, remodeling and working with contractors. We also make ourselves readily available to local property owners in need of personalized management through pet sitting, home care, professional organizing, and personal assisting. We offer comprehensive administrative services, such as multilingual interpreting, clerical assisting and bookkeeping. Above all, our team truly prides itself on providing top-notch attention through our passion for what we do. Give us a call today; we can’t wait to help you.

Collins & Company House Management Services Include:

·       Residential & Commercial Real Estate

·       Luxury & Oceanfront Real Estate

·       Sales & Rentals

·       Licensed, insured & bonded

·       Multilingual professional interpreters and translators

·       Estate management & Absentee owner home management

·       Travel agent, events, tours

·       Personalized pet/house sitting services

·       Home staging & professional organizing

·       Renovation coordinators & home maintenance referrals

·       VIP arrival/departure services

·       Relocation services

·       Hurricane season preparations

·       Instant updates to owners

·       Administrative & bookkeeping services

·       Flexible, reliable, knowledgeable & accommodating agents

*Require something that is not on the list? Give us a call and see what we can do. We provide personal concierge services to all our clientele.


"We have been extremely satisfied with the management services provided to us by Collins & Company.  When we bought our rental condo in Delray Beach, we worried about the care of it while we were absent for long periods of time.  That was until we enlisted the services of Collins & Company. They are professional, trustworthy, efficient and care for our rental property as if it was their investment. Claire Collins is personally involved in taking the renters' calls and acting upon services required without involving us.  And, being a licensed realtor, Claire finds new tenants when a lease is not renewed. We have full confidence in Collins & Company and we highly recommend their services. They are always on call and provide a peace of mind for absentee owners, whether it is a rental or a private home."  

 - Debby and Dan, absentee owners - Highland Beach

“The team at Collins & Company has become an instrumental part of my life. I cherish my dogs as if they were my children and so when I go out of town, it is vital that I am leaving my pets with someone I can trust and with someone with whom my dogs are comfortable. Jacob is not only a respected teacher for Palm Beach County; he is also a warm, caring, and patient individual. His love for animals truly shows each time he takes care of my babies for me and I love that he sends me pictures and texts to keep me in the loop. I highly recommend Collins & Company for pet sitting, house sitting, and any other home managerial related services. LOVE THEM!”

 - Meryl Gordon – Boca Raton

"As a full-time law student with two part-time jobs, I was well on my way to being a successful woman but I was drowning in the clutter in my room full of neglect! Without the help of Collins & Company, I might be stuck under a pile of clothes right now instead of practicing law. Debbie and Nicole were not only excellent at organizing my room and closets; they were also very friendly and made me feel at ease with the whole process. I was so surprised at how quickly they were able to complete the job and do so in a way that makes it easier for me to continue to manage on a daily basis. I am constantly recommending these guys to my friends and family and I definitely recommend them to anyone who may read this post!”

- Serena Alexandra - Delray Beach