DIY So Someone Else Can Buy

By Ale Zamora


Selling your home is a huge step for anyone to take, and the process can be daunting, too, but with the right help, you’re sure to come out happy and successful in the end. While you should definitely contact us here at Collins & Company if you are looking for help to sell your home, in the meantime, we’ve put this blog together for you all about how to increase the market value of your home! Continue reading for 5 things you can do yourself to help sell your home quicker!

1. Brighten Up!


A dark and dreary home can turn someone away if it’s the first thing they see when they walk in! When you let light in, it makes any room so much brighter, and wraps around objects and walls in the room to add depth. In rooms that have large windows, make sure you retire any heavy curtains or shades that are blocking natural light from flowing into the room. If you have a window-less room, install light fixtures or by a lamp with halogen light bulbs, for they’re the best ones that mimic sunlight.

2. A Splash of Color


Adding a fresh coat of paint to a room can make it look like a whole new space- and if you have a room in your house that needs an upgrade, this is a great, budget friendly move! Choose a color that matches the furniture or objects in the room and can add contrast to the different colors. Check out Benjamin Moore’s Color Finder if you need some help finding what color is right for you.

3. Updates are Necessary


They say you have to spend money to make money, and this phrase holds its truth in real estate- in this case, we’re talking about updated appliances. It’s what eyes are immediately drawn to when potential buyers walk into a kitchen or bathroom, so it’s important to make sure stainless steel appliances dominate your kitchen and an updated vanity is the star of your bathroom. This is one of the easiest ways to increase your home value, too. Try shopping around at some places that constantly have sales, like Sears, Costco, or  Best Buy.

4. Keep it Clean

A clean home is a sold home, simple as that. When your house stays neat and tidy, people view it as a space they can make their own. Take every necessary measure, from organizing your belongings and deep cleaning every room in the house. This will also make your home welcoming to potential buyers, especially if you plan on having an open house. Check out this infographic by the Pressure Coach for home cleaners you can make yourself.

5. Staging like a Pro


This step combines all the previous information in this blog, turning your home into one that is properly and appropriately staged to attract buyers. Read more about how to successfully tackle this step by reading our previous blog all about staging your home, and be sure to contact us for professional help!

For more DIY projects to help build on your home’s value, check out this link