Staging Means Selling

By Alejandra Zamora

In this day and age, a picture is worth more than a thousand words: it connects you to another world, and inspires you to learn more about whatever is in that image. It’s something we experience everyday, and it’s power can be quite advantageous. Aside from everyday life, the effect that images have are extremely vital in real estate, especially when it comes to the selling process. Bland, boring photos won’t attract buyers to your open house or your listing’s online profile. Taking the time to take professional, digital photos and staging your home to make it look its best are among the top tips to make your home sell promptly. HGTV illustrates the top two benefits of staging your home, each explained in detail below:

  • “Let your home speak to buyers” -  While a perfectly planned image will indeed show potential buyers how beautiful your home is and give them a quick look at all the architectural and design bits and pieces, it also gives them a sense of who you are. The more warm and inviting the photo, the more trusting the buyers will be.

  • “Clutter may suggest your home doesn’t measure up” -  A disorganized home is unattractive in itself, and can also reveal some major red flags about the place. For example, buyers could infer there is a lack of space when they see those clothes on the floor and that cluttered kitchen counter.

For great home selling success, look to these tips to make the most out of promoting your home’s beauty and who you are as a seller. If properly staging your home is a responsibility you’d like to hand off to a professional, look no further than here at Collins & Company! After all, a staged home is a sold home.

If you’re set on staging your home yourself, check out this video for some extra, visual tips...