Under Lock and Key

By Alejandra Zamora

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We all want the best protection for ourselves and our family; that’s why keeping your home is of the utmost importance. Here at Collins & Company, we’ve heard all the stories, from home burglaries to someone actually taking advantage of an absentee homeowner’s residency while they were away! In order for you to keep your home, family, and frankly, your wallet, safe from harm, we’ve written this blog just for you. Whether you’re a renter, a homeowner, or an absentee homeowner, keep reading for our best tips on home security.

  • Install a home alarm system: This one is the most important. Having an alarm system is probably one of the most convenient ways to be sure your home’s perimeter is secure. Not only will an alarm notify you that something’s going on, but it can also notify the police if you don’t give the all clear.

  • All of the lights: Lights are the ultimate burglar repellent; Install motion-detector lights outside of your home, as well as leave the lights on in certain rooms of your home to make it look like someone’s home.

  • Change and add locks: Within a few days of buying a new home, it’s necessary that you change all the locks in that home, for you never know who had access to the original keys before you moved in. After this is done, install a few extra deadbolt locks on the main doors to your home. Not only will this make it difficult for home invaders to enter, but it’s also a great way to prevent young children from leaving the house unattended.

  • Don’t Display: Your home can be a big target if you have your most expensive possessions all on display. This gives a burglar insight into your lifestyle and what may be inside your home. Keep your television and laptops out of view from windows, and don’t leave any package remnants of any new electronics or expensive clothing/jewelry in your trashcan or recycling bin.

  • Hire a Property Manager: If you’re an absentee homeowner, this one is a must. When you’re often absent from your property, your mail needs to be collected, home needs to be monitored, appliances kept in check, etc. Not only are these necessary tasks to be completed, but you need someone trustworthy to do it. Here at Collins & Company, we can provide you with top notch property management services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Click the “Property Management” tab on our homepage or click this link to learn more.

If you want more tips to keep your property safer, check out the video below