Finishing up a Florida Summer

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As August winds down and September slowly approaches, most people around the country are reminded that the summer season is coming to a close. Even here in Florida with our seemingly eternal summers, there’s no doubt that the feeling of summer coming to its end can be felt. In this in-between-seasons phase that we’re in right now, there’s nothing better than to make the most of the time and soak up every little bit of summertime left; in this blog, we’re highlighting a few unique mini-excursions you can make right here in Florida so you can do just that. Don’t forget to explore the My Concierge Florida web page to find one of our services that can help you while you’re away enjoying the sunshine.

Explore a Small Town: Gulfport, Florida

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Where can you go in Florida that has the feel of a cozy little beach town without all the parking meters and crowds? Visiting a small town like Gulfport, Florida will give you all these characteristics and more! By venturing to a smaller, lesser known town in your own home state, you’ll experience seaside living in a more relaxed, serene manner, and (best of all) you won't be breaking the bank. Gulfport specifically is located on the west coast of Florida, just west of St. Petersburg, and was named one of the “5 Great Lesser Known Places to Retire” by USA Today. Stay here on a Tuesday to experience the Tuesday Morning Fresh Market, and after a stroll on the beach, take a detour along their popular Art Walk. Click here to learn more about Gulfport & its activities.

Experience Nature Like Never Before: Bioluminescence Kayak Tour

Photo credit: BK Adventure

Photo credit: BK Adventure

If you’ve lived in Florida long, you probably have been around your fair share of beautiful beaches and historic nature paths. While these take up the bulk of Florida’s nature scene, there’s so much of this state’s nature that goes unnoticed, like experiencing bioluminescent plankton in central Florida. Starting at $55 per person, take the whole family or a group of friends to Indian or Banana River (just east of Orlando) and embark on an unforgettable kayak ride as you watch these glowy, microscopic creatures light up the night. Click here to learn more.

Get into Local Culture: Miami Spice Month

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If you look long and hard enough, you’ll find some amazing culture and food- based festivals and events going on right around the corner. Going on this month in Miami is Miami Spice Month, where select restaurants showcase their best dishes at a reduced price to those who crave exploring the food scene of South Beach. When events like this come around at the end of summer, make it a stay-cation to fully immerse yourself into everything the city has to offer. Learn more about this foodie event & participating restaurants by clicking here.