Which Florida Home is Right for You?

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Just like our state’s great, diverse population, Florida has a lot of diversity in its houses, too. If you’ve ever just driven around any neighborhood, different architectural styles make every home unique. When you envision your dream Florida home, you may not even be sure what it actually looks like with so many design options out there. In this blog, we’re highlighting the most popular kinds of Florida homes so you can get a better vision for that dream home, or simply so you can gain design inspiration for your current home.


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These cute structures are somewhere between a home and an apartment if you ask most people, for it’s connected to other units like apartments but often times has the same home feeling that single-family houses have. If you want a cozy space that’s smaller than most homes, townhouses are for you. They’re usually located near downtown areas,too, so these are great if you love to have places in walking distance to you!

Waterfront Homes

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With almost the entire state surrounded by our beautiful oceans, you probably think of a waterfront home when you think of Florida’s residential scene. These luxurious properties come in many shapes and sizes, from grand mansions on the intercoastal to smaller, charming homes on a canal. Whatever your ideal waterfront property, these homes always come with a view of the water and room for a watercraft, whether that’s a boat or a jet ski.

Luxury Modern Homes

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In newer neighborhoods, these updated, modern developments are popping up everywhere. The outside design is very minimalistic, with lots of windows to make for a bright home full of natural light. If you’re a minimalist who wants every part of your home to have a purpose, look to see if any of these modern homes are for sale near you!

Spanish-Style Homes

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Florida’s huge Latino population has its influences on things such as food and music, and that influence extends to home design as well. Especially prominent in south Florida, Spanish-style homes are popular if you love arches, bright colors, and detailed tiling. Size wise, Spanish-style homes can range from extravagant mansions to quaint little cottages.

Ranch-Style Homes

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If stairs aren’t your thing, look to ranch-style homes, another popular architectural style in Florida. These types of homes usually appear in cohesive neighborhoods or in areas with lots of open space. Regardless of location, all ranch homes are spacious, full of windows for natural light, usually have ample outdoor space, and borrow a little from the Spanish-style homes with their exposed tile roofs. This is the home type for you if you want a huge plot of land to go along with a modern, spread-out home.

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