The Airbnb Phenomenon

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Would you ever have imagined that in this day and age we would be renting our homes out to strangers? It’s the age of Airbnb, and this surprising trend isn’t slowing down any time soon. Hotels are becoming old news, as the phenomenon that Airbnb has created is redefining what the travel experience means. And it’s not just for travelers- you too can get in on the action by being a host in your own city. In this blog, we’ll tell you exactly what Airbnb is and what it has to offer, as well as the benefits of being a host or a traveler.

What is Airbnb?

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In the beginning, Airbnb was a simple vacation rental site, working like a hotel booking website where you would enter your destination and travel dates to find your lodging arrangements. You could find gorgeous cottages on the island of Santorini that’d be perfect for a getaway with friends, or quaint apartments in Paris that could make your work trip feel more homey. Homes like these each have their own hosts, or the homeowners who maintain the property, stock up on toiletries and food for guests, and even act as guides or friends during your stay. While all these functions still exist, Airbnb has now expanded to include “experiences,” where hosts take on another role as tour guides and offer unique activities meant to show you the town and local culture. So now, in addition to living like a real local in a unique house or apartment, you can now really become one by walking in their footsteps. Some examples of experiences include taking a tour of Harlem’s jazz clubs in New York City, learning how to make paella in Barcelona, and biking to Mt. Fuji in Tokyo.

What can I get out of it?

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Whether you’re a traveler or a host, the benefits of being a part of Airbnb’s phenomenon are seemingly endless. As a traveler, you can discover the world like never before by partaking in experiences and finding a place to stay that’ll become your very own home for the length of your stay. You may even save some money on your trip, too; a lot of Airbnb’s listings are much more affordable than hotels in the area, not to mention you’re getting a whole home instead of one room! The savings don’t have to stop there- if you’re travelling with multiple people, the price goes down even further as everyone splits the cost of the listing, and, because almost all Airbnb listings have kitchens, you can do your own cooking some nights rather than eating out each day! Whatever country you visit, you’ll also have a great impact on its tourism industry and economy, too.

As a host, you have a special opportunity to show visitors the beauty in the place you call home, and have the greatest impact on how their stay goes by giving them a great place to live. You’ll meet all kinds of amazing people from all over the world, and gain the ability to listen and exchange stories with your guests. In addition to this, being a host means you’ll be making a little extra income; in south Florida, Airbnb estimates you could earn a monthly potential of $1,874 as a host here. It’s a lot of responsibility, but browse the Airbnb website to learn about all the benefits and protections they give to their hosts.

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