4 Ways to Make Your Space Feel Larger

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Whether you’re on the hunt for a new home or are still trying to put together your current home, we all have those moments where we just WISH we had more space; we look for houses with spacious layouts and plenty of storage, and it’s a deal-breaker if a home doesn’t have adequate space for all of our belongings. While we try our best to keep organized, sometimes all of our possessions can drown a room out, making our spaces feel cramped fast. Lucky for you, we found 4 great ways to make a room feel like it has a lot more space than it actually has. Keep reading for 4 foolproof methods.

Pick a Color

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A room’s wall color can do so much for a space - if you paint strategically. A very light room or a very dark room will give the appearance of more space by adding depth. If you’re into the light look, white walls and neutral-colored furniture will let light bounce around the room, where as having a dark, patterned carpet and a warm-colored main room piece will give the room definition.

Keep it Low

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We all use furniture and wall accessories to define a space, but did you know there was a strategy to shopping for pieces that wouldn’t clutter your space? When shopping for furniture, from sofas to coffee tables, choose some that are lower to the ground. This goes for wall accessories, too, whether it’s mirrors or art pieces; don’t hang these pieces too high on the wall, for keeping everything lower leaves the illusion of more space.

Don’t be Afraid of Mirrors!

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This one’s probably the easiest trick of all; decorating your area with a couple of mirrors will give the illusion of more space! Think of mirrors as indoor windows, reflecting on everything in the room to make it feel twice its size.

Show Those Legs

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Here’s another tip when shopping specifically for furniture: Go for staple pieces with thinner elements, like having chair legs show or picking a sheer side table. This will draw the eye up and avoid cluttering your floor with bulky table or couch legs.