Before You Leave

By Alejandra Zamora

Ah, vacations. Whether it be a family trip or a much-needed, relaxing getaway, picking a place and planning your itinerary is among the best part of that pre-travel time. What’s not so fun? Shopping, packing, budgeting, and more all come with travelling. It’s the most stressful part of the whole process, and can sometimes take a toll on your enjoyment of the actual trip if you don’t have the proper guidance. From our many years of service through My Concierge Florida, we know a thing or two about how to make your trip as smooth as possible. Here’s our ultimate handbook made especially for you the next time you travel.


Safety should be everyone’s number one priority. That’s why the first step we recommend is to get in contact with us here at My Concierge Florida. By doing so we can get a sense of your needs and wants way before you leave for your trip, giving us plenty of time to help you plan and give you peace of mind. Here’s just some of what we can provide you with while you’re out:

  • Periodically check on your home

  • Collect your mail

  • Make sure any routine maintenance arrangements are done as per usual

  • Turn on your outside lights at night

  • Stock your fridge for you when you return


Budgeting for your trip should be something you start early in the process. Make sure you’re constantly saving little-by-little leading up to your trip. Depending on your location and how many people your money will be covering, set up a daily maximum value that includes sleeping accommodations, food, and other necessities, with some wiggle room for other expenses. Log all of your purchases in a notebook or in your phone to make sure you’re remaining within budget.


Here, we’ve provided you with a printable packing list from SmarterTravel to ensure you haven’t forgotten the basics, and a video that shows some of our favorite packing hacks.

Safe travels from Collins & Company!