Earthly Ideas

By Alejandra Zamora

Ah, Earth Day. A day where the entire human race is motivated to pay a little extra attention to mother nature, embracing environmentally friendly tasks like recycling and turning the lights off. Of course, all the environmental awareness that happens on April 22 is great, but why should the TLC stop there? We should be environmentally conscious every day of the year, not just on that one calendar day. Keep reading to find out our top home-improvement tips for you to do to make Earth Day everyday.

  1. Use less water, both inside and outside the house. On the inside of your house, do the basics, like turning the water off when brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and only running the dishwasher and washing machine when there are full loads. On the outside, invest in mulch to let your soil moisture last longer, never water your lawn at the hottest parts of the day or when it rains, and shorten your sprinkler time to around 3 minutes.

  2. Invest in all natural cleaning products to reduce toxins in your home and reduce petrochemicals in the environmental. We recommend Mrs. Meyers or Method.

  3. Save energy in your home to save money and the environment. Switch to LED light bulbs, unplug and turn off anything electronic when it’s not being used, and regularly replace your A/C filters for better airflow.

  4. Buy less plastic products! Plastic is difficult to degrade once it gets to the landfill, so we recommend buying paper or glass products whenever possible, and recycling the plastic products you do buy. Even for those products that only come in plastic, you should still transfer all contents to glassware to eliminate hydrocarbons.

  5. Landscape more efficiently by using stone features and opt for organic fertilizing methods to reduce your carbon footprint and make your front/backyard even more beautiful.

Check out the video below for extra tips and to learn the statistics of what you're saving if you take up these green methods.