The Most Fun Small Town In America

By Alejandra Zamora

Since the arrival of its first settlers in the late 1800s, the town of Delray Beach has continuously been increasing in appeal, and in turn establishing a constantly growing population. But don’t think of it as a traffic-congested pass through to surrounding cities like West Palm Beach and Miami; think of it as your next destination- as a vacation spot or new home location!

Given the title of “Most Fun Small Town in America” by USA Today in 2012, Delray Beach has been sneaking its way on many South Floridians’ radars. To win such an award requires great success in five categories: food scene, patriotism, beauty, friendliness, and an overall fun factor. The bestowers of this award couldn’t get enough of the many things this little town has to offer, from its gorgeous beaches to iconic Atlantic Avenue.

Whether you're just visiting or are already a resident, you’ve got to know the first place to start exploring is Atlantic Avenue. Stretching west to east for miles, the Ave (as most locals call it) is never short of quaint boutique shops, ethnically diverse, upscale dining options, and music spots. Some of our favorites are Love ShackFarmhouse Kitchen, and Honey. Follow the Ave all the way down and you’ll hit the white, sandy beaches, and with the weather so perfect year round, you'll stay all day.

If you’re already a resident of Delray Beach, you’ve probably reaped these perks of living in this town and more. And if you’re a visitor who has maybe fallen in love with this little town, contact us here at Collins & Company or browse the listings on our website. Who knows- you may just find your forever home.

Check out the video below for a glimpse into this lively seaside village.