Insurance Gives Assurance

By Ale Zamora

From life to auto, it can feel like you’re able to insure anything these days. Whether you’re familiar with the world of insurance or not, you probably know that it’s an amazing thing to be able to cover your losses or be prepared if damage occurs. But exactly how important is insurance, and how do you know what you need to insure in your life? In this blog, we’ll cover the importance of insuring your home or property, and some policy options you may want to discuss with your insurance agent.

Why should I insure my property?

When you purchase or rent a home or other piece of property, you’re making a huge investment that will undoubtedly change your life forever.  If you’re not insured, any accidental or unwanted recovery costs are yours to pay. So, taking the necessary steps to protect that huge investment is not only crucial if you encounter any physical damage, but can also insure you against theft and natural disasters. Here are four of the most important coverage types that will give you peace of mind.

  • General Liability Insurance → The main claim of this coverage option protects you, the tenant or homeowner, from any self-injury or injury or another tenant or visitor on your property. It can also insure you against any damage that was present prior you your arrival on the property. General liability should be included in your home or renters insurance policy.

  • Flood/Water Damage Insurance → From A/C leaks to plumbing overflows, rain damage to flooding, having this form of coverage will protect all your belongings from the damages that H2O can bring. And, in one of the hurricane capitals of the world, this one’s a must-have.

  • Property and Casualty Insurance → Vandalism and burglary is guarded with this type. Especially vital if you live in a condominium or other apartment complex type, any form of civil commotion is covered under this policy as well.

  • Umbrella Liability Insurance → This policy option gives you that extra layer of protection against some of the more expensive losses or damages you may incur. While it requires primary liability insurance, umbrella insurance will come into play once you’ve gone over the maximum amount covered.

Disclaimer: Be sure to consult your licensed insurance agent for your specific needs.

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