The Snowbird Blog Post

By Ale Zamora


If you’re a longtime Florida resident, you’re probably extremely familiar with snowbird season. And if you live in up north, you’ve probably been one of those snowbirds who’s come down to sunny Florida to escape the winter blues. Regardless of your status, below are some tips on how to take on snowbird season the right way.

If You’re a Snowbird:

➔    Forward your mail to your new location right away to ensure you don’t miss receiving those packages and holiday cards.

➔     Turn off the water, unplug all your electrics, turn on that alarm system, and all other related things that will keep your home safe while you’re gone.

➔    Check up on the weather for the entire duration of your stay, especially if you’re coming down to Florida. While mostly warm during the winter months, weather here can fluctuate, and high and low temperatures vary around the state. You don’t want to be left without a warm jacket if it gets down to the 50s one day!

➔     Consider renting out your home while you are away on sites like Airbnb for some extra cash. Check out this link for how to do so if interested.

➔     Speak with us here at Collins & Company for all your needs, especially if you’re an absentee homeowner. Check out the “Services” tab on our website to learn more.

If You’re a Florida Resident:

➔     Be prepared to leave home a little earlier for work or when running errands due to the extra traffic.

➔  Practice patience and kindness- you’ll probably be dealing with lots of people not used to driving down here or people asking for directions.

➔  Be thankful for these visitors; they do contribute to our economy significantly, after all!

No matter where you’ll be this holiday season, we wish you safe travels and a wonderful new year.