Keeping the Kids in Mind

By Alejandra Zamora

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As everyone knows, home is where the heart is. And for every parent out there, home is where your kids are. Catering to children’s needs and giving them a safe home environment is a top priority for their guardians. That’s why, when looking for a prospective home, you have to look for the little things (and the big things) that will give the kiddos a safe and humble abode, and give you parents some peace of mind. Here are the top 5 home features you should look for if you have young kids:

1. Storage galore: Piles and piles of voice-activated toys, strollers too big to fit in your front door, onesies that you swore were the right size when you bought them, and more all come with being a parent. That’s why any extra storage space is a huge necessity. Look for big closets, built-in shelves, an accessible attic or basement, or even an extra room or closet to ensure you have plenty of room for all those little knick-knacks.

2. Safe stairs or no stairs: A huge factor you must consider is whether or not you’re up for having a home with stairs. If you have babies or toddlers, you may want to rule two story homes out, for what goes up must come down, and not always in a graceful way. However, if you’re absolutely set on a home that has stairs, make sure you’d be able to put a baby gate on both ends.

3. Kid-friendly rooms: Looking for a kid-friendly room can save you from extra hassles of having to childproof the whole room. This one’s really tricky; you have to notice every small detail that a potential children’s bedroom could have. For example, don’t choose bedrooms with doors or ground level windows that lead outside, doors with locks, and hard tile or hardwood floors. This goes for the kids’ bathroom too; make sure the vanity is low and absent of sharp corners, and that electrical outlets are away from the sink and not close to the ground.

4. A contained backyard: If your kids love playing outdoors, you’ve got to pay attention to the outside of your home just as much as the inside. If there’s a pool, make sure there’s room to install a pool fence, and stray away from large, concrete areas. Instead, look for a backyard with a lot of grass, for it’s a softer surface perfect for playing. Also, make sure you have the room and can afford a perimeter fence around the yard, especially if your home is on the water.

5. Overall home location: This feature coincides with the previous one a little, but it’s so important it needs its own category. While it may be obvious to search for a home in a family-friendly, secure neighborhood, close to a park and great schools, families also need to keep in mind the actual physical location of a potential home. If you have especially young children, NEVER buy a home near a busy road. Be sure to choose one on a quiet back road that doesn’t get much traffic, or (even better) on a cul-de-sac.

BONUS- A spacious master bedroom: Once you’re done checking off all your kid’s boxes, shift the focus to yourselves: the parents. Look for a home with a roomy master suite with all the fixings: a luxurious bathroom with a relaxing bathtub, room for a small sofa chair, windows for some natural light, a closet that feels a little like an extra side room, and anything else you might want. You’ll be able to get some privacy in a bedroom that feels like a little domestic getaway (but not too far from the kids’ rooms).