Organize, Organize, Organize

By Ale Zamora

We never think it’ll happen to us, but someway, somehow, we come to a point in our lives where we NEED more space. And sometimes, no matter how many times we put our minds to it, our attempts to rearrange and consolidate are never fully carried out, for reasons such as never knowing where to start or becoming unmotivated. If you’re a homeowner with this problem, we have a simple, easy storage solution for you: storage hacks. From simply looking at pictures of creative ways to store and reorganize, you’re sure to be inspired and motivated to actually become one step closer to a clutter-free, neat home. Below, we’ve shared 4 of our favorite, simple storage hack photos that you can do all by yourself in no time.


1. Kitchen Space-Saver

By always organizing and separating your grocery items, you can always be one step ahead of the clutter that comes after each grocery trip. Rather than just throwing bags and containers into their assigned cupboards, purchase some mason jars and baskets to strategically keep your food items always in place.

Image credits: via Pinterest


2. Stack it in the Bathroom

We bet that you have a crowded vanity in your bathroom, covered with hair and makeup products, dental hygiene necessities, and other miscellaneous items, like hair brushes and hand towels. We also bet that the huge, empty space above your toilet isn’t being used. Ever think of this space as a place for storage? Head to the nearest hardware store to pick up some simple shelves to put up above your toilet, where you can now transfer all that clutter next to your sink onto this clever new area.

Image credits: via Pinterest



A Bar Cart for the Bedroom

Yes, you heard it right; bar carts are a perfect, space-saving piece that can be used to store items other than alcohol and glasses. Keep one in the corner of your bedroom to place items such as jewelry, pens, and other knick-knacks that you’d usually keep on a nightstand or in a drawer, leaving you more space for clothing items!

Image credits: via Pinterest


4. Easy Access in the Laundry Room

Another multi-purpose item being put to use here is a shower caddy! Depending on how many products you use in the laundry room, purchase a shower caddy that can fit everything you need, and can even replace a cart or table top you have already in the room. With placing all you need on this thin vessel, you have plenty more room for laundry baskets, hangers, etc.

Image credits: via Pinterest