Stepping into Spring

By Ale Zamora


 It’s that time of year again! If you live up north in the colder weather, the snow melts away and the wind chill dies down. If you’re a Florida resident, warmer weather stops its fluctuation and stays consistent, and the countdown to summer begins. The season of spring can be the brightest of them all, but there’s one thing that some of us dread this time of year: spring cleaning. It’s a socially constructed period of time in which we’re supposed to dust off the winter blues and clean and organize every inch of the house. When done properly and planned out well, it can actually be quite beneficial, renewing your mood and environment just like the actual season. But it can get quite overwhelming--that’s where we come in. Below, we’ve compiled some of the best tips found on the Interned for getting through the process.

Clean & Fresh

     The basic step in spring cleaning is just that- cleaning. That kitchen cabinet that you haven't touched in ages? Yep, it’s time to open it up and clean it out. The top of that shelf that’s way too tall for you to reach, so nothing’s stored on it? It’s probably as dusty as ever, so now’s the time to grab that step stool and get to it. All this and more are conveniently put together on Martha Stewart’s Spring Cleaning Checklist, which covers every part of the house that definitely needs a touch up. Click here for the checklist. Need some tips? Blast music that you can dance and sing-along to, or gather up the family or some friends to delegate tasks and make it fun!

Organize it!

     Now that your house is all nice and clean, it’s time to get around to organizing, whether that means rearranging or completely clearing something out. From the kitchen to your closet, you probably have accumulated way more than you need. HGTV has put together a web page guide on how to start organizing major rooms of your house. Click here if you need a solid stepping stone. If you come across anything you don’t need or just want to get rid of, start compiling them into categories, such as clothing and homeware. Then, either find a local drop off spot to donate those excess belongings, or set up an account on an online shop to sell your used items for some extra cash! Also, if you haven’t already, check out our previous blog here for visual organizing hacks.

Lifestyle Fix

     Now that the physical labor is done, get inspired to change some aspects of your life, too! This time of year can motivate you to be a healthier, better you, so harness that energy and turn it into healthy habits that will stick! Try meal prepping, which is a huge money and time saver that will keep you satisfied all week long. Plan which recipes you’ll want for each meal each day, go out to the store to gather your ingredients, and set aside a couple of hours on Sunday to prep everything so you can grab-and-go throughout the week. Here’s a beginner’s guide by MealPrepHaven. Another healthy habit to start is sticking to a consistent workout schedule. Of course, you can head to the gym or take a run along the beach or park, but if you’re short on time, try this 9-minute, equipment-free circuit by The New York Times.

We hope our tips & tricks help you conquer all your spring cleaning endeavors!