Why Your Community Needs a Management Company

By Ale Zamora


If you’re reading this blog post, a congratulations is in order-you have decided to run for the Board of your association. This is the first step in improving your community’s reputation and making it a better place to live. HOAs come with many benefits in the long run, such as setting up and regulating rules to improve the aesthetic of your neighborhood, which in turn attracts buyers, increases property value, and makes inhabitants live happier. Unfortunately, running for the Board is a large undertaking and you'll soon encounter many frustrations that were seemingly unknown to you just having been a unit owner.

Self-managed communities tend to be inexperienced and short on time. Ironically, these are the two most important qualities your managers need to possess in order for your HOA to be successfully run. Meeting with vendors, being the point of contact for potentially angry owners, calling unit owners on delinquencies, keeping up with the industry’s changing legislations, and more are just some of these responsibilities. This is where the need for a professional association management service comes into play. Keep reading the points below to learn why hiring an independent company is essential.

  • Proper budget and account management are needed to not only maintain and process community fees, but know the extent of amenities (how many and at what cost) can fit in the budget. Monitoring taxes, insurance fees, contractor terms, and other financial responsibilities can also be managed efficiently under an association management company.

  • Creating lasting relationships with vendors, independent contractors, and unit owners can be carried out properly with managers who know the business, ensuring that if at anytime something needs immediate attention, assistance is just one phone call away.  

  • Constant monitoring is a vital task that self-managed communities simply can’t provide; with a hired management company, a trusted representative is always around to stay on top of unit owners and oversee upkeep.

  • Dealing with the dirty work, such as uncooperative contractors, negligent residents, and financial & legal issues are what association management companies specialize in; they’re dependable and trustworthy mediators who will be needed to handle tough situations like these.

Don’t wait- make your community the best it can possibly be by looking into hiring an association management company. Contact us here at Collins & Company Inc or Onalim Property Management, or browse our website to learn more about what we do and how we can help take all the work off your hands.