The Best Celebrity Florida Homes

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From our endless coastlines to our gorgeous weather, Florida is a top destination for many people looking for sunny vacation spots. Some people, however, love it so much they decide to stay- and buy gorgeous waterfront homes to live in! We’re talking about celebrities, of course, and their beautiful mansions we see on the cover of tabloids. Despite being seriously expensive, celebrity homes are great sources of decor inspiration. In this blog, we’re showing you just that: Keep reading to see some of our favorite celebrity rooms for you to get inspired by.

Celine Dion

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How gorgeous is the kitchen in Celine Dion’s former Jupiter Island home? While we’d all love a kitchen this size, use her clean, white countertops and transparent cabinets as inspiration for your next kitchen project!

Photo via Town & Country

Dwayne Johnson

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Dwayne Johnson’s stunning Southwest Ranches home looks right out an equestrian magazine. Next time your working on curb appeal for your home, try making your landscaping symmetrical to make everything look orderly and neat.

Photo via Pursuitist

Christian Slater


Christian Slater’s million-dollar Coconut Grove mansion will show you that hardwood flooring and smooth, white walls are the way to go if you want to make a space feel more neat and open.

Photo via HuffPost

Serena Williams

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Serena Williams’ Palm Beach Gardens mansion is home to a backyard that everyone would want to spend a summer day in. Swimming pools are always a good idea when you live in Florida, for practically everyday is a pool day. What ideas can you get from Serena’s home? When it comes to the backyard, the simpler the better; all you really need are some lounge chairs and a well-maintained pool!

Photo via Haute Residence

Kevin James

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Use Kevin James’ former Delray Beach mansion as inspiration for what a cozy living room should look like; there are plush pillows and blankets everywhere, and the charming wood beams on the ceiling really tie the whole room together.

Photo via Variety

LeBron James

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Legendary basketball player LeBron James’ now-sold Miami home has this classic master bedroom, complete with beautifully-finished wood floors and a breathtaking view of the ocean. While some features are probably out of your reach, take into account the hardwood floors, classic furniture set, and quaint crown molding that you can incorporate into your bedroom!

Photo via Business Insider