Cinematic Spaces

By Ale Zamora


Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably seen your fair share of movies- both good and bad. If that’s true, you probably frequent your local movie theater on many kinds of occasions, from date nights to girls’ nights to solo screenings. No matter the occasion, being at the movies is like an escape from the real world; you get immersed in the story and its setting, sometimes maybe even wishing it’d never end. Ever wished you could actually transport yourself to the world of a movie? Well, you sort of can; below, we’ve compiled 5 movies with the most stunning interior designs (and where you can get some similar pieces) just for you, so you never have to leave that fantasy world.

1. The Sound of Music

Key Words: Luxurious, White, Roman-style. Antique, Detailed, Symmetrical

Buy It:   Chandelier     Vintage Mirror     Detailed Arm Chair

2. The Shining


Key Words: Rustic, Wooden, Cabin-style, Open, Red & Brown, Cozy

Buy It: Aztec Carpet      Brown Arm Chair

3. Under the Tuscan Sun


Key Words: Texture, Italian Villa, Exposed, Earthy, Artistic

Buy It:  Golden Lamp      Red Decorative Blanket      Italian Art

4. The Hobbit

Key Words:  Wooden, Rustic, Simplistic, Warm

Buy It:  Wooden Table Set   Wooden Bookshelf   Candelabra  

5. Amélie


Key Words:  Wallpaper, Victorian Details, Strong Colors, Warm

Buy It:  Red Wallpaper   Bedframe    Animal Art